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“I’ll tell you after you say yes.”
“So I’m going to say yes?”
He paused, lips twisting sardonically. “Yes.”

CITY OF SPIES, the second Pagan Jones adventure.

Celebrating her escape from East Germany and the success of her new film, teen starlet Pagan Jones returns to Hollywood to reclaim her place among the rich and the famous. She’s thrilled to be back, but memories of her time in Berlin—and elusively handsome secret agent Devin Black—continue to haunt her daydreams. The whirlwind of parties and celebrities just isn’t enough to distract Pagan from the excitement of being a spy or dampen her curiosity about her late mother’s mysterious past.

When Devin reappears with an opportunity for Pagan to get back into the spy game, she is eager to embrace the role once again—all she has to do is identify a potential Nazi war criminal. A man who has ties to her mother. Taking the mission means that she’ll have to star in a cheesy film and dance the tango with an incredibly awful costar, but Pagan knows all the real action will happen off-set, in the streets of Buenos Aires.

But as Pagan learns more about the man they’re investigating, she realizes that the stakes are much higher than they could have ever imagined, and that some secrets are best left undiscovered.

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THE NOTORIOUS PAGAN JONES, the first Pagan Jones adventure.

“Four and a half stars! With a hint of Hollywood glam, mystery and a time period unique to the YA genre, Berry treats readers to a can’t-miss story.” – RT Book Reviews

“Fast-paced and furious, this work will be a certain hit with those who love historical fiction, Hollywood, and stories of redemption.” — School Library Journal
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The Notorious Pagan Jones

“You think Cold War espionage is dangerous? Try growing up in Hollywood.”

THE NOTORIOUS PAGAN JONES, the first in a new series of thrillers from Harlequin Teen set in 1961, in which a disgraced Hollywood starlet is pulled into a complex world of politics and intrigue as the Cold War heats up. Here, Pagan must conquer her inner demons and outsmart the East German Army to get herself and the people she loves to safety.

“Danger, dancing, and daring capers fill the pages of Pagan’s adventure and her climb back to stardom. Fans of Elizabeth Wein’s Code Name Verity and Ruta Sepetys’s Between Shades of Gray will not be disappointed with the author’s latest. VERDICT: Fast-paced and furious, this work will be a certain hit with those who love historical fiction, Hollywood, and stories of redemption.” — School Library Journal

“Well paced historical thriller. Scary in all the right places…” – Kirkus Reviews

“With a hint of Hollywood glam, mystery, and a time period unique to the YA genre, Berry treats readers to a can’t-miss story. She finds a winner in Pagan, a Marilyn Monroe-like teen actress with a tale that will appeal to younger and older fans alike.” – RT Book Reviews

“Pagan Jones, though, is nobody’s pawn. This is a well-plotted balance of Hollywood glitter and international political conspiracies during the Cold War, and the historical backdrop is meticulously set. Pagan is a smart, charismatic heroine given depth by her struggles with alcoholism.” – Booklist

“Berry’s noirish writing blends the blinding spotlight of Hollywood, the sexy world of espionage, and real-life events to create a fast-paced spy thriller” – Publisher’s Weekly

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“Berry’s debut offers just the right combination of high-stakes exploits and steamy love scenes to keep readers up until the wee hours…” – Kirkus Reviews

“Readers will be swept away by the romance and paranormal elements of this debut tale.” – School Library Journal

“Filled with suspense, action, friendship and love, this book will have you on the edge of your seat until the end, when you’ll cry out, ‘I need more!'” –

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“Dez wrestles with real-life issues about identity and belonging, about trust and loyalty, and about friendship and love that will resonate with teen readers across genres.” – Kirkus Reviews

“There are layers of deeper meaning here, hidden amidst an entertaining shapeshifter YA. ” – RT Book Reviews, 4.5 stars

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“The finale of the Otherkin trilogy definitely does not disappoint! It’s action-packed, riveting, and full of suspense.” – City of Books

“This new series is sure to be a hit!” – RT Book Reviews

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Two and Twenty Dark Tales

A charity anthology from Month 9 Books.

Nursery rhymes sung sweetly can take us back to childhood. But deep inside many of those childhood favorites is… a hint of something dark. TWO AND TWENTY DARK TALES is a charity anthology from Month9Books, with a foreword by Francisco X. Stork, and contributing short stories some of today’s most admired and talented young adult authors. Proceeds from the title through 5,000 copies sold, will be donated to YALITCHAT.ORG, a 501 (c)(3) in the state of North Carolina. Authors are donating their advances to a charity of their choice.


Short stories by:

  • Nina Berry – “As Blue as the Sky and Just as Old.”
  • Sarwat Chadda
  • Shannon Delany
  • Max Scialdone
  • Leigh Fallon
  • Angie Frazier
  • Jessie Harrell
  • Nancy Holder
  • Heidi R. Kling
  • Suzanne Lazear
  • Karen Mahoney
  • Lisa Mantchev
  • Georgia McBride
  • C. Lee McKenzie
  • Gretchen McNeil
  • Francisco X. Stork
  • Pamela van Hylckama Vlieg
  • K.M. Walton
  • Suzanne Young
  • Michelle Zink

Edited by Georgia McBride & Michelle Zink.